Friday, February 21, 2014

SoundCloud Downloader - Best Download Manager For Soundcloud

SoundCloud Downloader

SoundCloud Downloader written in .net. Its free and it will help you to manage your downloads. Soundcloud Downloader is optimized to save tracks from Souncloud on your PC. With Soundcloud Downloader you can save all the music trax from Soundcloud onto your PC. Even the trax you have to pay for you can download for free. SoundCloud Downloader is only avaliable for Microsoft Windows. You need to have Adobe Flash and .net installed in order to run SoundCloud Downloader.

Download Soundcloud Downloader

SoundCloud Downloader & Browsers

Soundcloud downloader is working fine with the most common browsers. Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Flock, Google Chrome and Safari are supported. In case you are using a differnt browser we would like to hear about your experiance Soundcloud Downloader on it. The Soundcloud Downloader team is always happy to get feedback from our users.

Soundcloud Downloader



Soundcloud Downloader Installation

To use and install Soundcloud Downloader you can just click on the link below to download it. The installation is very easy. After you presses the download button save the file on your PC. You have to extract it with a winzip or winrar or whatever suits your best. Then run the setup programm. Now you just follow the steps of the installer. Or just keep pressing next. Thats it. Once you have installed Soundcloud downloader, you will find it very easy to use.

Soundcloud Downloader Handling

The handling of Soundcloud Downloader is very spimple. First step is to start Soundcloud downloader. Do this by clicking on the exe file. Once Soundcloud Downloader is up and running, you can start to download from the website. Therefore you have to open the track you want on the soundcloud site. Then click into the adress bar and copy the url (Strg+c). By click on the Add-button and (Strg+v) Soundcloud downloader will add the link to its download list and start the download.

Add new Track

Preview for upcoming version

With the next version of SoundCloud Downloader we want to improve some of the already existing funktions. Also we want to add some more. Some of the new funktions are: starting downloads by pressing the play button. That means that Soundcloud Downloader gives you the option to start, stopp and pause every single download in the download list seperately. Another funktion is to set the speed limitation and priority for seperatly for every single download. We also want to change the settings so that you can change the folder where every single download can be saved to. One more thing we want to implement is an integrated help system. This should be very handy and easy to use. One major step in the new version is the integrated converter. It allows you to convert every downloaded track into different formats. The supported formats are: MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WAV and FLV. A lot of our users told us that they want an easy way to convert their files into these formats. So this will definatly come with the new version. There are a lot of other changes aswell. We will keep you updated.